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Reliable, cost-effective solar energy for your home

The Upsolar advantage



Making the move to clean solar energy generation for your home has never been easier. Produced with quality components to ensure an efficient and reliable addition to any home, our products transform your rooftop into an energy asset.

Our mission is to create maximum value and exceptional support throughout the lifetime of our products, providing you with an unparalleled solar experience.

Find an Upsolar PV module installer in your area – click on the map to find our exclusive partners in your region. Or, contact us if you have questions.



Our product portfolio



Our product portfolio meets rigorous quality standards, product specifications and technical requirements to guarantee your customers with customizable PV modules to fit their specific needs.


  • Read more about featured projects and case studies.
  • Consult our FAQs to learn more about the Upsolar advantage



Financial benefits



Each region offers different Subsidies, Feed in Tariffs, etc. Please check in our legislation section what are the benefits you can get.