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It's always smooth sailing with Upsolar

Unexpected gales often push businesses off course, leaving customers stranded and without the support they need. Over the years, Upsolar has learned how to navigate choppy waters to consistently supply high-quality products, on time and on budget.

Unlike other solar module manufacturers, who have wavered and even capsized in the face of squalls big and small, we’ve capitalized on these challenges, using our sails to move d­eftly beyond the storm. Even during the worst maelstroms, we’ve stayed firmly at the helm.

Our commitment to top-tier performance at competitive prices begins with our unique approach to manufacturing. With support from reputable production partners in Turkey, Taiwan, Vietnam and Mexico, Upsolar is able to cruise the changing market tides and deliver the same high quality products year in and year out, all free of anti-dumping duties and tariffs. No matter the forecast outside, you’ll find the same great value every time you place an order.

At Upsolar, we’ve built our business on finding strategic opportunities to grow and become stronger. No matter what the challenge—economic downturns, shifting government policies, or even other industry players—we sail through every obstacle with the wind at our back.

So come aboard. Together, we’ll chart a course toward a sunnier horizon.