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The Upsolar Advantage
Upsolar's high quality standards and continuous innovation is what sets us apart from the pack. We strive to align our company with strong partners from across the solar value chain to provide our customers with the performance they need and the ROI they deserve. By adhering to the principle of "Excellence at Each Step," we deliver modules with the best quality-to-cost ratio on the market.
Continuous R&D

At our Test and Development Center in Shanghai, Upsolar's expert technical team conducts rigorous testing on our products to guarantee maximum performance and durability.

Exceptional Partnerships for: Quality Materials

Upsolar selects only the finest materials for our modules, secured through supply partnerships with the industry's leading components providers.

Flexible Production

We partner with experienced manufacturing platforms in Asia and Europe, allowing Upsolar to easily scale output in response to global demand and implement the latest system-enhancing technologies as they come to market. Upsolar's manufacturing capabilities have increased rapidly since our founding in 2006.

Product Innovation

We work closely with leading balance of systems to provide a variety of products tailored to our customers' performance needs and aesthetic preferences.

Quality Control
Upsolar's quality assurance staff works alongside our production partners to ensure the company's high standards are achieved at each stage of the manufacturing process. Supported by grade-A equipment, experienced workers and efficient manufacturing processes, our unyielding commitment to quality helps make Upsolar one of the most secure PV investments on the market.

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