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UPSOLAR is getting ready for the new area of solar industry. Significant resources and energy has been committed in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and sustainable development goals. Our aim is to continue delivering energy-efficiency and environmental-friendly products to satisfy our customers’ demanding in clean, safe energy.
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Upsolar pay close attention to the healthy development of the society, and contribute to the better future for our next generation. In the past years, Upsolar sponsors activities/ organizations in different regions, delivering green and sustainable concept to people around the world.
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PV CYCLE is a non-for-profit association managing a fully operational collection and recycling scheme for end-of-life photovoltaic modules throughout Europe. PV CYCLE is independent and work on behalf of PV module manufacturers and importers active in all European markets.
Upsolar joined the PV CYCLE network, to ensure take-back and recycling of our end-of-life PV modules. Upsolar will comply with mandatory European and national waste law.
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CSR is the short for Corporate Social Responsibility.  CSR is closely related to the harmonious development of society, it’s a commitment for company’s sustainable development to make efforts for promoting stakeholders’ quality of life behind the daily business activities and realize the close relationship with people, community and environment at the same time.


As a multinational corporation, sustainable development is always one of the most important parts of Upsolar’s enterprise development. Contributing to the high quality of the whole society life level at the same time of developing ourselves is also one of Upsolar’s objectives of the struggle. We believe that the development of enterprise and the health of society can promote each other.


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As a young company which is vivid in the market by outstanding module quality, Upsolar dedicates resources in providing customers real clean energy and safe solar. Corporate social and environmental responsibilities department is an important element of our management system, which helps to reduce our environmental impact, encourage our employees, and ultimately help us to realize our business goal: excellence at each step.

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Solar energy has been harnessed by human beings since ancient times. Solar energy technologies include solar photovoltaic, solar thermal electricity, solar heating and solar architecture, which can make considerable contributions to solving some of the most urgent energy problems the world now faces. Solar electric or photovoltaic system can be a reliable and pollution-free producer of electricity in both small and large scale.
Customers who make the leap to solar do so for good reasons, Upsolar appreciate their awareness of choosing clean energy for a better future, and care about customers’ financial investments with renewable resource, thus Upsolar commits to provide real green products, and set up sustainable goals to take the cooperate responsibilities to human society and natural environment.
A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is exactly what it sounds like - an assessment of the life cycle of a product. From the moment silicon is extracted out of the raw material, to the day that our module is installed on your rooftop and even after 30years when the module comes to its end-of-life stage and goes to waste treatment plant, the LCA takes into account the environmental impacts of all stages. You can think of it as a powerful calculator which helps you understand all the changes exist with one module energy consumption/carbon emission and so on, after comparing with others, you can get a clear image of environmental performance of different products.
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Contribution analysis of the life cycle steps to the Mono crystalline life cycle environmental impacts (to produce 1kWh of electricity)
Indicator Unit Manufacturing Distribution Installation Use End-of-Life
EnergyDepletion MJ 82% 4% 10% 1% 3%
Hazardous waste
Mg 71% <1% 26% 2% <1%
Water depletion dm3 65% <1% 28% 4% 1%
Ozone Depletion
Kg CFC-11 eq. 54% 24% 12% 1% 9%
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