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Comprehensive system operation and maintenance services to ensure the efficient and sustainable operation of your PV plant for decades to come

Upsolar O&M is a division of Upsolar Global Co., Ltd., a leading international developer and producer of high quality solar photovoltaic (PV) modules since 2006. Building off the success of our in-house module R&D center in China, Upsolar has extended its knowhow to PV plant inspection to provide comprehensive O&M management services in Europe.

Monitoring Services
Remotely monitor your PV plant and guarantee the highest operational quality via: A monitoring portal developed specifically for rooftop power plants.
Data management, including real-time yield, irradiation, weather station, target vs. performance comparison, yield prognosis, availability, performance ratio, etc.
Error analysis, alarm management and statistics database.
Monthly reporting:
Error diagnosis, including precise identification of root cause and location
Annual Inspection Service
Upsolar tracks potential issues before they arise to avoid production lag, through:
Thermographic photo analysis.
Visual inspection and performance evaluation of individual system components.
Inspection and repair of mechanical structures and substructures.
Inspection of mechanical condition on all cables, contacts and connections.
Inspection of functional efficiency on all electrical components such as inverters, controllers, distributor boxes and safety devices.
Compilation of inspection reports.

Maintenance Management Service
Ensure maximum system performance and extend your
plant’s lifespan with:
Regular maintenance as defined in the operating manual.
Preventive and predictive maintenance management.